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T3 Framework 2.0.2 released (2)
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T3 Framework 2.0.2 released
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T3 Framework 2.0.1 release
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Joomla User eXperienceT3 Framework - a powerful Joomla template framework version 2.0.1 was shipped last week. What can...
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Bootstrap 2.1.0 released
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T3 Framework 2.0.2 released
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T3 Framework 2.0.2 releasedWe have upgraded the powerful Joomla template framework - T3 Framework 2.0.2 to the latest version...
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Joomla User eXperience

T3 Framework - a powerful Joomla template framework version 2.0.1 was shipped last week.

What can you expect in T3 Framework version 2.0.1?: Up-to-date with Joomla & Bootstrap 3 framework, Improved in UI for both front-end & back-end, Even more flexible in term of navigation system.

Apart from the new features, T3 Framework still embraces its core such as: Layout Configuration, ThemeMagic, Layout Customization, Megamenu Configuration, and more. If you are unfamiliar with T3 Framework, here are the shortcut to learn more about the Framework:

Joomla 3.2 and Bootstrap 3 Compatibility

The new T3 Framework 2.0.1 is compatible with Bootstrap 2 and Bootstrap 3.0.3 at core. You get the best of both worlds within one single framework - T3. You can:

  • Utilize the T3 Blank template with Bootstrap 2.
  • Meanwhile experiment Bootstrap 3 in the new starter theme called T3 B3 Blank template.
  • Compiling LESS separately among the two starter themes (T3 Blank vs. T3 B3 Blank), and you don't have to get everything compiled as how it's used to be in the past.

Improved User Interface

T3 Framework 2.0.1 has a clean, simple layout and typography. Not just the front-end is in favor, same things go to the back-end.

A complete redesigned for administrator panel where we replace any unnecessary contextual text, help text with tags or take them off completely to avoid any confusions.

Navigate differently

In the past, T3 Framework only supported Off Canvas menu on mobile. Now it's available for desktop with even more options to play with:

  • Support sliding motion from both sides: left-to-right and right-to-left on either Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left mode.
  • Comes in 14 effects including: slide in on top, reveal, push, rotate pusher, 3D rotate in, 3D rotate out, delayed 3D rotate, scale up, scale down, etc. (No effect was supported in T3 Framework version 1.4.3 and lower).

Of course, bug fixes

Numerous critical bug fixes for T3 Framework version 2.0 including Thememagic, Off Canvas, Admin tour, Injection, and etc.

Apart from those 7 things, below are the other highlights on T3 Framework version 2.0.1:

  • Font Awesome 4
  • Guest access level for megamenu is now configurable
  • Enable / Disable Admin On / Off style
  • Update LESS JS to 1.5.0
  • Along with other improvements and features that you can find at its changelog.

More in-depths surrounding the controversies among T3 Framework vs. Joomla Bootstrap vs. Bootstrap 2 vs. Bootstrap 3, the compatibilities with 3rd party extensions, and what are the recommendations on how to use T3 Framework version 2.0.1 properly will be discussed in the next T3 Framework blog session.

Until then, stay calm, guys!